Defend Your Home Against Wildfires

Hire us for defensible space services in the Cottonwood, Anderson & Redding, CA area

Your home contains some of your most valuable assets and prized possessions. Don't put your property at the mercy of wildfires. Hire Bill's Tree Service for defensible space services. Our team can clear out any brush or vegetation close to your home that could allow fires to spread up to the house.

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Are you ready for wildfire season?

California law requires that homeowners in certain areas remove any flammable materials within 100 feet of their properties to create a defensible space against wildfires.

Hiring Bill's Tree Service for defensible space services allows you to:

  • Comply with state and local laws
  • Reduce the risk of fire damage
  • Give firefighters space to defend your property

Speak with a defensible spacing company today. We serve clients in Cottonwood, Anderson & Redding, CA, and surrounding areas.